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9.00am — 6.00pm

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Hot Stone Massage

absolute relaxation to warm the soul

Experience the aromatic power of plant pure- fumes fused with the sensation of smooth warm stones to comfort, de-stress and melts muscle tension.

  • 45 min $100
  • 60 min $125
  • 90 min $155

Chakra Balancing Massage

balance your senses

The concept of Chakras comes from Ayuveda, the ancient healing art of India. These 7 energy centres are located along the spine and can be thought of as personal growth centres that connect your sub conscious with your physical body.  The Chakra Balancing Massage seeks to create harmony in the Chakra Sytem using a variety of techniques- Massage, Chakra Foot Reflexology and Chakra Energy Work.

  • 60 min $110

Silk Day Spa, Your place for Pampering.

All treatments include a complimentary foot soak prior.

Indian Head Massage

Seated upper back & arms, neck, scalp and face massage to relieve stress, tension, sinus congestion, headaches and eye strain.

  • 30 min $85

Customised Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage

Ideal to use as part of your health maintenance program. Experience your favourite Aveda aromas- calming blends to ease stress, anxiety and insomnia, uplifting blends for low energy and stimulating blends to improve circulation and to detoxify.

  • 30 min $80
  • 45 min $90
  • 60 min $100
  • 90 min $130

Stress- Fix Body Massage

Our Stress- Fix body massage- clinically provento relieve feelings of stress- combines the power of Swedish massage, acupressure, foot reflexology and our new Stress- fix arom, which is infused with organic French Lavender, Lavandin and Clary sage.

  • 30 min $90
  • 60 min $125

Silk Day Spa exclusively uses and supplies Aveda products in Bendigo.